Toke makinwa is Rocking her Brand New car!

Popular TV personality, OAP and writer Toke makinwa is painting the town red with her Brand New Rangerover very sleek and black. She always gives us a nice display of her luxury from earings to bags to shoes and now a car…what next?

She is truly living the baby girl lifestyle! She even registered the car with her Initials ‘TM’

Consistency : It takes a lot of work!

In every business the key to success as we often hear is ‘HARDWORK’ which in turn is also related to being consistent in what one is doing and being focused. We often time misplace our priorities or even get frustrated on the way, to get to where we want to be in life we have to keep fighting to get there.

Above is a picture of where some big brands started from.

  Consistency doesn’t only exist only in business only, it’s in the simple things we do..for instance, in the home there could be a rule that one should wash his/her plate after use. Not everyone would do we know that humans can not be predicted, it takes consistent washing of the plates by everyone..from there the goal can be achieved.

There is no shortcut in anything…why do you think some big celebs are where they are? Consistency is key! You must have heard of Justin bieber or Nicki Minaj…wat do you think got them where they are or made them popular that you even know them. They were consistent in releasing songs that people enjoyed, which they still do. They never gave up even when things where difficult.

This is to encourage you to continue…no matter how bad!

These days one has to look before you marry

Bisi Alimi the gay right advocate and HIV advocate shared a picture of his face with makeup by @obehinoir who transformed him from know his natural self to a doll. And anyone who sees the picture would not even know that…it’s a man. Someone could see his picture on IG and slide into his DM! End time Yoruba demon.

 Speaking of these times ..guys need to be extra careful not to fall into these type of men who make up and dress like women..some are pretty darn good at looking like women that the actual women!   In other news..bisi Alimi is cozying up to Caitlyn jenner. He updated his IG with pictures with her using the hashtag ‘friendship’and  ‘love’ 

I hope this two are up to as much mischief as possible #bonnieandclyde 

Drake follows his cousin to prom

How cute would it be to go to prom with the one and only ‘DRAKE’. I wish I had that privilege..sadly we are not related! Although his cousin is one hell of a lucky cousin.Her name is Jalaah. She decided to go prom with her superstar rapper of an uncle..dissing all the boys #likeaboss….or So we thought until we saw her Instagram post and her date was just on the corner. Drake had outshined her date!

Drake allegedly flew to Memphis to accompany his 17 year old cousin to her prom and she was the ‘Belle of the ball’. He totally made her day and I must add she became the ‘Homecoming Queen’ and that she has been slaying ever since. While drake is still keeping his meme face steady! Although some people commented that he looks much better than his cousin and that she should have looked better..what do you think? While some believe he didn’t just go to Memphis..well that’s their opinion, at least he was there to take her to prom. 

Miley Cyrus is back to the Disney star we knew and loved!!!

Miley Cyrus had been the cute and adorable Disney mega super star we all loved ‘Hannah Montana’. Almost every teen girl was in love with her Charming voice and her looks. She was even a role model. She became a millionaire at just 16! She was also famous worldwide. Then she began to grow…trying to make us see that she wasn’t that little Disney girl anymore! She stopped the show and tried to act in more mature and age appropriate roles.

Who wouldn’t remember her romance with that blue eyed almost Greek god looking boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The moment they broke up and the way it shook the young popstar…have us a SIGH. We didn’t hear much from her for a while. Then suddenly she reappeared with a song ‘wrecking ball’ and all her fans could not recognise the sweet little smiley face superstar she had totally transformed into an opposite of what we knew.

She started appearing in very raunchy and clingy clothing and totally changed her hair  and personal style. Their where rumours of her being a druggy and an alcoholic. She was mostly seen partying and grinding different guys in the most shameless way as possible! Her music also had a drastic change, it had no content or message…she even tried to go into ‘Rap music’ featuring Juicy J and Wiz khalifa. We were all wondering what exactly was going on.

But only recently, some months after she hooked up again with her Ex. We began to see huge changes.. although slowly but at the moment miley is being positive and working on her self image. She has also changed her personal style. Her Charming smile is also back with a flash! We wish her the best with her new hot single ‘Malibu’.

This is a recent picture of her

Oloyede Julianna(Toyo baby) clears the air on the supposed rift between her and Funke.. Read more!

We Have not seen ‘Toyo baby’ on the set of ‘jenifas dairy’ and people have been curious to know if she was having a problem with her producer, Funke Akindele. Then news broke out that she had been payed N3,000 on a set where some of the casts were getting N100,000. We also heard that she won’t be on the show anymore.

She took to her Instagram to tell her fans with the hashtag ‘dont be quick to judge’, ‘knowledge’, ‘Toyo baby’ to say that she isn’t having any problems with her producer, she also said she would be willing to work with Funke on ‘jenifas dairy’ without qualms. 

Juliana a.k.a ‘Toyo baby’ is working on a series called ‘TheCokers’, she is more focused on her career at the moment.


She is also into the clothing business, she’s working with a shop for vintage shirts, it’s called ‘Topshopcollections‘, you can check that on IG

The Real wedding party! Photos and Video of Bankyw and Adesua’s engagement

Earlier this week we found out that bankyw had fooled us all the way, we didn’t even see it coming and yesterday was the engagement, between him and Adesua Etomi.

Bella naija put up pictures from their Engagement. This is obviously a case of life imitating art! Their lives are just exactly like the movie they co-starred in, Bankyw is indeed rumoured to be a playboy and Adesua is usually the good girl type. We are anticipating the church wedding and we are hopping that No one would cause  Chaos at their wedding. 

Congratulations to the both of them and we wish them the best in their married life. We don’t want to hear of a Divorce!

Video of the engagement on YouTube

Exclusive Grooveradar interview with Bassey Ekpenyong  Ex-BBnaija Housemate

The Grooveradar caught up with Bassey Ekpenyong in Ibadan and we had a nice chat-chat on a lot of topics. He opened up to us and he made the interview fun and lively.

 He is from calabar and he is an actor  and an MC. His first acting debue was on the set of ‘OJo’s in the house’ in which he acted as a butler called Beatrice who was  unusual but very wise. All this debate about his age? He is about 28 years old.

He is not sorry to the ladies that are interested! Watch the video to see more!


How to create a Fly repellant 

In Nigeria we mostly have a very hot climate and flies love a hot weather and they are seen everywhere. If you happen to be in an area with a lot of trees e.g mango tree. You would definitely get in contact with one. They also flock around garbage and decomposed materials a.k.a your dbkustbin.

These vile creatures can be very disturbing and they infect people with diseases, have you heard of trypanosomiasis! They hum into your ears and fly around people especially when they are a lot of them, the most irritable part is some of those flies might have just left the toilet after having contact with feaces, then they land on your food or on your hair or any part of your body. That is something that should be prevented at all cost.

I have often wondered how can we get rid of these creatures. Here are the solutions to get rid of that one insect that virtually everyone hates! FLIES!

1. Usage of vodka: flies hate the smell of vodka. Create a mixture of vodka, aloe vera juice and oil and rub it on your body or the infested area.

2. Hairspray: hairspray is said to freeze the wings of flies to make them slower.

3. Lemon grass oil: this is said to be the most effective repellant. You can mix it with water and put In a spray bottle.

4. Fly papers: They are used to trap flies as it is coated with a sweet fragrance and and it’s very sticky. How you can make one is to follow this STEP  

* Get a brown paper sheet, scissors,heating pan, corn syrup, large spoon, water and thread.

* Cut the brown paper and make it two inches wide, aftafterwards put the corn syrup and water on fire and mix with the large spoon until it starts boiling. Then dip the brown paper sheet in the mixture for 5 hours and dry the sheet for 3 hours.

5. orange peel and Onion juice: This only works for houseflies. Just put it in the infested area and it will repel then, meanwhile it doesn’t work on fruit flies.

6. Detergent: most of the soaps we use to wash and clean in the house contains BORAX which is to repel insects. Get a spray bottle and add one of your soap for washing e.g Mama lemon, Morning fresh etc. Also add water and put it in a spay bottle.

I hope this Article was very informative?