Lagos Big boy chains Women to a leash!!! Is this a new #trend


This picture surfaced online just recently and it is just sad that in this era we still have women being treated in the most demeaning manner.


Its been reported that he is the owner of the ‘ONU’ nightclub in lagos ,his name is Mike_eze Nwalie Nwogu. He also chained  the two girls to an  event before the snap was taken.

I wonder what drove those girls allow such ridicule. Women should be treated like eggs and given respect .



beauty-it-would-seem-was-both-a-blessing-and-a-curse-quote-1Hello guys it’s been a chilly tuesday, Hope you weren’t drenched by the rain? To the main reason for writing this piece, IS BEAUTY A CURSE OR A BLESSING? After attaining puberty, a lady develops at a massive and rapid rate and has growth and development in certain areas which makes her unique. She becomes the center of attraction to the opposite sex and she also becomes aware of her being. At this stage her beauty becomes noticeable, but it shouldn’t get to her head. Enough of the preaching!! At age 18 she sees herself as hot and sexy, 😃 however she has a crush on someone and some guys start asking her out, but as per se she be fine girl she gats form small make them no too sae she be cheap babe or olosho. Soon she turns to thick madam and starts friendzoning guys because she has too high standards, he must be handsome, °six packs •good job etc my sister time don dae go oh. So ladies don’t put yourself as oversophisticated, smile always and hang out, if a guy asks you out and you won’t date him, don’t waste his time .Tell him straight up, but not in a haharsh manner, because se guys wan date you no dae brag, my sister time don dae go.

Here’s my advice foryou; love yourself and be you




African knight ♞

​Emergency! Ibadan, Nigeria’s First United Nations Youth Ambassador For Peace, Banga Lee Is In Town!

The Koko Master, Dapo Banjo popularly known as D’banj arrived in Ibadan last night… 

The world renowned entertainer touched down the ancient city of Ibadan in preparation for the much talked about Youth Empowerment Summit organised by OSMD Networks. The Youth Empowerment Summit which is themed ‘What’s in give hand; a Tool’ also has a line up of keynote speakers including: Tunji Olugbodi & Ubong King. Also, great entrepreneurs have been lined up as panelists. They include; Ali Baba, Olori Supergal, Gbenga Adeyinka and D’banj.

The empowerment Summit is slated for 10am today and will take place at the conference hall at Mauve 21, Ring Road Ibadan. 

Like y’all know, D’banj loves to turn up! And so, he already caused emergency last night in Ib has he turned up at Topside lounge, Oluyole with a thrilling, energetic performance… Get ready to hear him speak today as a businessman at the empowerment summit.




Denrele edun clocks 33 today!

That awesome, crazyyy and talented fashionista! …u can identify him with his high heeled pumps..  Mmm and crazyyy hair. Some people say he is weird.. He is unapologetic! Denrele-werele!


Today is Denrele eduns birthday! We wish him the absolute best in life… Keep on slaying!

For the first time he looked very manly and attractive in his birthday photoshoot wearing suits and no heels! I hope he keeps doing that!  Fine boy no pimples .

Pls find uncle denrele wife o!

African ‘barbie looking’ dolls :Taofik Okoya


I recently, stumbled on some pictures online…of African dolls. They where shaped like those of the ‘barbie’ but with dark skin and African attire. Very lovely to behold!

And, I discovered that the man behind it was a Nigerian ‘taofik okoya’. A very enterprising man. He is the son of the owner of ‘Eleganza’


His dolls are all over the market and  ‘The barbie’ taking over 15% of the toy market in Nigeria. His buyers  are from Nigeria, Brazil, America, Europe.

  His mission is to make the Queens of Africa  ‘a symbol of hope,trust and confidence! And promoting our proud culture and fashion.


He is an inspiration for Nigerian youths. Keep on being you and we wish you success! Your dolls slayyyy.


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Don Jazzy’s look is catching on!

We got hold of a picture that made me think deeply about the impact celebrities are making not just on young people but also on kids!

 IMG-20160530-WA0005 IMG-20160530-WA0003

The outfit is cute and I have to say don jazzy’ you have competition

So who do you think rocks the Scottish look …I love the red jacket by the way!
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White Groomsmen Rock ‘OWAMBE’

Whenever we have a big wedding in Nigeria, most especially from the yoruba tribe. You see people rocking OWAMBE styles ….the ladies in their big gele and the men in agbada

You’ll hardly imagine white people in our attire or even think it will fit them , this picture changed my orientation


They know how to rock our style! And for those of you who will be forming and saying ‘ahh I don’t wear native or I Continue reading →