COSON (The Copyright Society of Nigeria) Set To Visit Ibadan

​Ibadan!!! COSON (the Copyright Society of Nigeria) will be coming to our city!

Get ready people! if you are an entertainment personality or you in the business of entertainment, this is for you…All the top officials are coming plus entertainment business personalities who are making it big will be live! Theme ‘Let the music pay’ , what else have we been tryna make happen? You, yes you, must be there!

Venue- Kakanfo hotel

Time- 9am

This is what we have been asking for. Ibadan…Lagos and naija are coming to you! Our voices have been heard!

Let’s invade Kakanfo on the 8th of September and let’s be exposed to new avenues to make real money….after all, Dangote olori meji! omo, pick up the call from COSON joooor!

@roy_ige said it! 


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Funaab Student Gets Hit By Stray Bullet As Peaceful Turns Into A Riot

All is not well in the ancient city of Abeokuta right now as a peaceful protest has turned out in a terrible riot. 
Seyifunmi reports:

The peaceful protest led by some student leaders began today, Thursday, August 18, 2016 around 5am; the students took to the street in the cold weather to protest the killing of an 100 level Banking and Finance student after a group of armed men attacked a number of Student resident outside the school premises.

One of the hostel where the armed men operated between yesterday night and this morning was Ajoke Hostel located, opposite the university gate and another was at Isolu area of the community where a student was allegedly raped with lots of gadgets and other precious belongings carted away by the bandits. 

The students mounted road blocks along the road leading into the university premise denying students, lecturers and other members of staff in the community from assessing the school.

After being addressed by a lecturer, the students marched down to Camp area of the Odeda Local government area and went ahead to block the Abeokuta – Ibadan expressway. 

The arrival of Policemen from the state police command, Eleweran, Obantoko around 11am worsened the situation as the policemen sprayed tear gas in the air to disperse the aggrieved students which further compounded the case as some Asthmatic students went unconscious.

As if that was not enough, another 100 level student who was part of the peaceful protest which suddenly went riotous was also hit by a Police stray bullet which allegedly led to his immediate death.

The students are grossly displeased with the University management’s insensitivity to the rampant serial attacks made on students living outside the school by Armed robbers over the last 8 months, a notice has been sent that Students should vacate the hall of residence as the University embarks on an emergency and compulsory 7-day mid semester break effective from today, August 18, 2016.

This is not a good time for the Vice Chancellor, Olusola Oyewole, who is also the pastor of one of the biggest church in Abeokuta, Divine Heights Bible Church, as he is currently under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission alongside the University’s Bursar, Mr. Moses Ilesanmi over an alleged case of corruption and abuse of office involving the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Some of his church’s vehicles have been razed by the protesting students.


#TheFineGroove: DMW’s Signee, Mayorkun (Eleko Crooner) Stuns In New Photos

​22-year old singer and DMW‘s signee, Mayorkun who is popularly known for his hit single, Eleko has released new photos of himself where he shows the world his playful side.

By the way, let me do small amebo for you; Mayorkun is gearing up to release his highly anticipated sophomore single, which would serve as a follow-up to ‘Eleko’. He is also prepping for a UK club & press tour alongside his label mate Dremo.

Check out the new kid on the block as he slays in new photos below:

Photo Credit: AWGZ

Styled by: Remi Ogundoyin for Mode L’absolu.

What’s your opinion on these pictures? Did he pose too childish? Do you like them? Did he say or nay? Let’s talk… 


Breaking News: #1bn Worth Of Goods Destroyed As Sumal Foods Processing Plant In Oluyole Remains On Fire For 3 Days…

Sumal is on fire! It’s no rumour that the processing plant of the renowned foods processing industry has continued to burn for over 71 hours now…

The company, which produces paper cartons used in packaging finished products, is said to be a subsidiary of SUMAL Foods and Confectionaries, also located in Oluyole Industrial Estate in Ibadan.

We spoke with someone around the area disclosed this:

There was a loud explosion at around 11:30pm on Sunday, 7th of August while I was lying down to sleep. 6 minutes later, I visited my toilet only to notice that their was a big fire burning around Oluyole. Behold, it was Sumal. I saw lights like that of the police or fire brigade but for several minutes, I kept watching and the fire didn’t look like it was being attended to. 

As reported, the fire started out on Sunday evening and as we speak, despite the efforts of fire fighters to quench the fire since the early hours of Monday, Sumal is still on fire!!! 

We interrogated someone else around the scene of the incident yesterday and he also had this to say:

The fire has been burning profusely. Nothing seems to be able to put it out. Over 20 trucks of water have been used here to no avail. Only a heavy downpour can put this fire out.

Boluwaji Ayomide Eniola reporting for #TheGrooveradar.

#GrooveGist: ​Court Issues Tyga’s Arrest Warrant After He Failed To Show Up In Court Today

“Rack City” city’s superstar, Tyga got an arrest warrant issued against him by a judge on Tuesday, August 9, after the rapper failed to show up in court.

26 year old Tyga, was supposed to appear in court today to face the lawyers of his former landlord who recently won a $480,000 judgement against him after he fell behind on rent for his former Malibu home.

Reports have it that the landlord’s attorneys appeared in court on Tuesday and told the judge that the landlord was upset by recent reports about Tyga purchasing his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, a $200,000 black Maybach for her upcoming 19th birthday.

As of the end of June, he was leasing a mansion by Kanye West’s house for $46,000 a month.


Footballer Alex Iwobi shares new photo of his pretty mixed-raced girlfriend

Footballer Alex Iwobi shares new photo of his pretty mixed-raced girlfriend

Arsenal player, Alex Iwobi shared a new photo of his mixed raced girlfriend Clarisse on his IG page and wrote “Princess”. Clarisse is South American and European. Meanwhile on her page, she wished him good luck as he starts the new Premier league season. What she wrote below…

 “Wishing my baby good luck this season! I can’t wait to see the big things you’ll be doing…you show that with hard work and dedication you can achieve. Keep shining, God bless. #17”

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5 TOP reasons why girls block guys on social network

 Most girls have had reasons to block  guys … And it leaves the guy wondering if they had been offensive.
Imagine a guy hitting you up and starting with ‘Hello.. I heard you are proud’  ‘I got your number from someone I won’t tell you’  ‘Give me your number ‘ (A guy on IG you don’t know) LAME! . I’m here to tell you that you guys have been doing things the wrong and boring way! It might be romantic or cool in your head… But nobody will ever take you seriously
A lot of guys do not have a good manner of approach… You don’t just appear on someone’s chat out of the blues… And expect that person to be free with you… Frauds(419) also do the same and a whole lot of dangerous people.  She won’t take you seriously and probably block you. Do not start a chat with any stupid line even if your  friends give you tips… Just be your self.
Guys who are  whatsapp or bbm who can call girls 24/7.  ‘Hello I just want to hear your voice’ (your not even her boyfriend) A girl won’t let you get close… She would not even pick your calls.  You can call to say ‘hi’ once in a while if you are close to her.
Guys who ask girls for nudes or say shitty things.. Would inevitably  be blocked  except the girl is into stuff like that.. But most girls will block you.
Guys who message at odd times and ask girls to meet them or come to their house or hotel. The girl who knows what she’s doing would just block you immediately or not show up (Some guys just come out of the Blue.. You might not have met before). Let’s say you know eachother don’t ever invite her to your house/room… Take her out like 3 times..before you do. Guys do not rush things!
The guys who messages and takes hours to reply… It’s very crappy. Why message when you won’t reply.  Girls do not like to be posted so if she blocks you.. Do not be surprised.
Lastly, a guy who changes his dp into pictures of different girls every minute and hits you up saying ‘Babe, you know I like you’ and changes his dp to ur picture….who is he fooling and don’t hit any girl up with ‘Hey you’.
Don’t be a stalker.. It is CREEPY.
Girls decode a a lot.. They can tell if you are deceiving them except they want to be deceived. Pls guys Drop the stupid lines on social media.. have a little self respect.
Pls leave your comments below.