How to get that ‘long hair’ You have been dreaming of!!!

There is a General beleif that African woman do not have long and hair naturally… Some beleive Its due to our hot climate and the African GENE.

I love the fact that most africans have afro_curly hair.. Which when well managed is very lovely to behold.

Here are 5 methods to get that long hair:

  1. If youve heard about ‘KIKO’ hairstyle.. That is the usage of thread or rubber to style and pull up the hair. images-5 People often complain that Its painful to make.. Well, beauty comes with a price. There are various styles to choose from. 
  2. Allow that hair to rest.. This means leaving your hair  and not touching it for a long period of time.  Fixing weaves(without bonding glue) on the hair is a very good way to achieve that or you can keep it under a wig… That way the hair relaxes and increases in growth.  This gives room for a lot of undergrowth (2wks for maximum results) … After wasting,  setting or relaxing the hair will be significantly longer.. WARNING dont keep your hair idle for too long it could tangle!
  3. Do protective hairstyles and stick to only one relaxer and hair Product (I recomend DARK and LOVELY) .     Do not share your personal comb with anyone and dispose fallouts from the hair properly.
  4. Dont dye your hair (I wont recomend it)  most of the products damage the hair and it leaves the hair dry and it loses nourishment
  5. Do not let water touch your hair too often except a wash is needed.. And if it does, Rub the hair with cream and dry it. Use quality and certified hair Products. I recomend any cream with olive or coconut Oil (it does wonders).                                                                                                        I hope with this few Points of mine I have been able to support you in your plans  and prove some people wrong.. Here is a picture of my hairinshot_20161020_111719 beleive it or not!  I followed those steps.. Do the same.  #thegrooveradar 

#TheFineGroove: DMW’s Signee, Mayorkun (Eleko Crooner) Stuns In New Photos

​22-year old singer and DMW‘s signee, Mayorkun who is popularly known for his hit single, Eleko has released new photos of himself where he shows the world his playful side.

By the way, let me do small amebo for you; Mayorkun is gearing up to release his highly anticipated sophomore single, which would serve as a follow-up to ‘Eleko’. He is also prepping for a UK club & press tour alongside his label mate Dremo.

Check out the new kid on the block as he slays in new photos below:

Photo Credit: AWGZ

Styled by: Remi Ogundoyin for Mode L’absolu.

What’s your opinion on these pictures? Did he pose too childish? Do you like them? Did he say or nay? Let’s talk… 


Denrele edun clocks 33 today!

That awesome, crazyyy and talented fashionista! …u can identify him with his high heeled pumps..  Mmm and crazyyy hair. Some people say he is weird.. He is unapologetic! Denrele-werele!


Today is Denrele eduns birthday! We wish him the absolute best in life… Keep on slaying!

For the first time he looked very manly and attractive in his birthday photoshoot wearing suits and no heels! I hope he keeps doing that!  Fine boy no pimples .

Pls find uncle denrele wife o!

White Groomsmen Rock ‘OWAMBE’

Whenever we have a big wedding in Nigeria, most especially from the yoruba tribe. You see people rocking OWAMBE styles ….the ladies in their big gele and the men in agbada

You’ll hardly imagine white people in our attire or even think it will fit them , this picture changed my orientation


They know how to rock our style! And for those of you who will be forming and saying ‘ahh I don’t wear native or I Continue reading →