Picture of ‘IDYl’ winner of ‘The voice Nigeria 2017’ in his GS4 SUV

On sunday, the top 8 contestants; Ebube,Yimika,Chris Rio, Syemca, Idyl, Jahtell, J’Dess and Wow.

  had to battle to win the competition, although some contestants seemed to be putting in less efforts due to the fact that voting had already been done. 

The judges also seemed to be emotional when the results of the votes were announced and what seemed like an elimination of their favorite contestants had just taken place. Some contestants seemed to be failing at the beginning but came out tops at the end. ‘IDYl’ took the crown as this year’s winner of ‘The voice Nigeria’


‘IDYl’ has been spotted in his new GS4 SUV after the show

Birthday doodle! Google celebrates their 19th anniversary

Today, the 27th of September marks the 19th anniversary of Google. They are celebrating it with a new Google doodle which includes a lot of games like tick tac toe, snake game and more! You just need to go on Google today and check this out …it is so cool! 

Click this link for the games:


Facts about Google; 1997 Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, met at Stanford University and decided to come up with a system to organise the world’s information.

The search engine  now has 4.5billion users in 160 countries.

From the sun.co.uk