The Oxymoron of Kennyblaq #Anticipating

 Comedy shows have become a great source of entertainment in Nigeria and all over the world… with a Host of top comedians whose names are at our finger tips. We do need a break from the norm, a breath of fresh air and a new wave of Comedy!

 Young and talented comedian otolorin kehinde a.k.a kennyblaq Is a source of inspiration to upcoming young comedians. He is preparing for his first ever comedy show which would feature five music comedians and five standup comedians, it would be taking place on Sunday, the 23rd of July,2017. The Venue is at the Eko Hotels convention centre, VI, Lagos.

We are looking forward to the event, it won’t be disappointing, it is sure to bring a face lift to the comedy industry, especially for the  new generation of comedians. He is going to wow the Audience with his performance and his comedy infused with music. This is bound to be a huge success!

Tickets are available for sale on and at N5,000 (Regular) / N20,000 (VIP). Call 08121213053 / 08191581055for more enquiry.


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The Lagos dance exhibition 2017: Red Carpet Interview 

The Lagos at 50 celebrations have just been concluded with the ‘Lagos dance exhibition’ which is the biggest dance show for the year 2017.

 All the dance crews and choreographers had all put in their best into the performance and it was well put together and very Excellent, each dancers put up dance-stories which showed the audience a microcosm of the typical Lagos life, they addressed issues like the evolution of technology and infrastructure in the city of Lagos.

The event held on Saturday, the 17th of June at the Terra Kulture Arena, tiamiyu savage,VI, Lagos.  

Watch video here 

And find out what the people had to say about dance and … Can you easily  spell words on the Red carpet!

The ‘GloLaftafest’ in Ibadan

The laftafest which is an event for people to come and watch their favourite comedians perform at their city which is sponsored by the Glo telecommunications company in Nigeria. In order to get an invite to the event one has to be a Glo subscriber, spending 2000 worth of credit in month. It was held at the International Conference Centre at the University of Ibadan this year.

Mercy Johnson and Juliet Ibrahim hosted the event as top comedians such as Basketmouth, Bovi, Gordon’s, Bash and more. There would be a Music Festival courtesy of Glo later in the year. A lot of guests had a lot of fun taking selfies on the Red carpet. 

It was LIT!

Dammy kranes mother dancing in church amidst her son’s court case

Dammy krane was arrested 4days ago in Miami…and the news circulated around Nigeria especially amongst his fans

Probably after this post.. for fraud

His manger has been linked to other crimes similar to fraud commited in 2014 and is associated with this fraud case.

None of his family showed up for the court case. See what Dammy kranes mother ‘Oluwakemi Oshodi’ was caught doing in church.

Video of oluwakemi oshodi 

Odunlade Adekola is the most popular meme face in Nigeria

Popular Yoruba actor odunlade Adekola has been appearing in memes very often…this days! And let’s not forget you can’t watch a Yoruba movie and fully enjoy it…if this celebrity is not featured. He seems to be in every movie!

He is now the most popular meme face on Instagram in Nigeria. You would have seen his face on other social apps, your twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp,snapchat etc. 

Just look at this page!

Is this man the only one..biko

Buhari memes are also very popular in Nigeria..

We all love memes and you just can’t get enough…right!

Yomi Fashlanso shares his life lesson from his father on Instagram #Freethesheeple

Nollywood Yoruba actor yomi fashlanso took to his Instagram to share his father’s life lessons …which has to do with the #Freethesheeple movement.

His story was about how his father dealt with a fake pastor. He also shared his view on how many Nigerians are deceived by fake men of God and he also asked his followers what their own father’s have taught them!

‘Huddah’ disses Nigerian Men calling them ‘playthings’

Popular Kenyan Instagram celebrity @huddahthebosschick took to her Snapchat to diss Nigerian Men. I’m interpreting what  She said “Nigerian men are on good for playing and that she cannot marry one”, she also said  “she did not want an irresponsible man who would turn her into a punching bag or have a polygamous home”

Toke makinwa is Rocking her Brand New car!

Popular TV personality, OAP and writer Toke makinwa is painting the town red with her Brand New Rangerover very sleek and black. She always gives us a nice display of her luxury from earings to bags to shoes and now a car…what next?

She is truly living the baby girl lifestyle! She even registered the car with her Initials ‘TM’

Consistency : It takes a lot of work!

In every business the key to success as we often hear is ‘HARDWORK’ which in turn is also related to being consistent in what one is doing and being focused. We often time misplace our priorities or even get frustrated on the way, to get to where we want to be in life we have to keep fighting to get there.

Above is a picture of where some big brands started from.

  Consistency doesn’t only exist only in business only, it’s in the simple things we do..for instance, in the home there could be a rule that one should wash his/her plate after use. Not everyone would do we know that humans can not be predicted, it takes consistent washing of the plates by everyone..from there the goal can be achieved.

There is no shortcut in anything…why do you think some big celebs are where they are? Consistency is key! You must have heard of Justin bieber or Nicki Minaj…wat do you think got them where they are or made them popular that you even know them. They were consistent in releasing songs that people enjoyed, which they still do. They never gave up even when things where difficult.

This is to encourage you to continue…no matter how bad!