These days one has to look before you marry

Bisi Alimi the gay right advocate and HIV advocate shared a picture of his face with makeup by @obehinoir who transformed him from know his natural self to a doll. And anyone who sees the picture would not even know that…it’s a man. Someone could see his picture on IG and slide into his DM! End time Yoruba demon.

 Speaking of these times ..guys need to be extra careful not to fall into these type of men who make up and dress like women..some are pretty darn good at looking like women that the actual women!   In other news..bisi Alimi is cozying up to Caitlyn jenner. He updated his IG with pictures with her using the hashtag ‘friendship’and  ‘love’ 

I hope this two are up to as much mischief as possible #bonnieandclyde 

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