How to create a Fly repellant 

In Nigeria we mostly have a very hot climate and flies love a hot weather and they are seen everywhere. If you happen to be in an area with a lot of trees e.g mango tree. You would definitely get in contact with one. They also flock around garbage and decomposed materials a.k.a your dbkustbin.

These vile creatures can be very disturbing and they infect people with diseases, have you heard of trypanosomiasis! They hum into your ears and fly around people especially when they are a lot of them, the most irritable part is some of those flies might have just left the toilet after having contact with feaces, then they land on your food or on your hair or any part of your body. That is something that should be prevented at all cost.

I have often wondered how can we get rid of these creatures. Here are the solutions to get rid of that one insect that virtually everyone hates! FLIES!

1. Usage of vodka: flies hate the smell of vodka. Create a mixture of vodka, aloe vera juice and oil and rub it on your body or the infested area.

2. Hairspray: hairspray is said to freeze the wings of flies to make them slower.

3. Lemon grass oil: this is said to be the most effective repellant. You can mix it with water and put In a spray bottle.

4. Fly papers: They are used to trap flies as it is coated with a sweet fragrance and and it’s very sticky. How you can make one is to follow this STEP  

* Get a brown paper sheet, scissors,heating pan, corn syrup, large spoon, water and thread.

* Cut the brown paper and make it two inches wide, aftafterwards put the corn syrup and water on fire and mix with the large spoon until it starts boiling. Then dip the brown paper sheet in the mixture for 5 hours and dry the sheet for 3 hours.

5. orange peel and Onion juice: This only works for houseflies. Just put it in the infested area and it will repel then, meanwhile it doesn’t work on fruit flies.

6. Detergent: most of the soaps we use to wash and clean in the house contains BORAX which is to repel insects. Get a spray bottle and add one of your soap for washing e.g Mama lemon, Morning fresh etc. Also add water and put it in a spay bottle.

I hope this Article was very informative?

The Reality show on ‘Female Business mogul’ Tiannah(Toyin Lawani)premieres on Ebonylifetv in two days

Toyin Lawani who is known for her fashion and business prowess. She owns chains of business on clothing, food and beauty. She has styled almost all of the entertainment personalities in Nigeria.

She Is a strong and hardworking woman. She is also an example of a excelling in entrepreneurship in Nigeria. We gathered that this woman worked her way from the top from nothing, she was not born with a silver spoon.

Take a peek into her life on Ebonylifetv on April 18,2018

Nigeria’s youngest payport ambassador

Tiannah took to her Instagram page to share a picture of her little boy who just got endorsed by payport…oluwatenioluwa jermaine,a and guess what.. he is just 3 years old!

If you’ve seen this little boys instagram @lordmaine2 ..he is ever stylish and very fashionable even more than his peers. His mum does not deny him the best in what the fashion world has to offer , as she is one of Nigeria’s top designers @tiannahsplacempire

Here’s his picture

Our little Yoruba angel

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Wizkid sends Efya a loving message on her birthday on Twitter ..they just might be dating

Today is the birthday of lovely, sexy and stylish Ghanian songstress EFYA and Wizkid reportedly took to his Twitter to send Efya a loving birthday message …the duo might just be dating as they have a close relationship and are seen together quite a lot. Both are single without any boo or bae…they might just have paired up! 

Here is his little love message “mummy yo” “love you forever”

Wizkid and Dbanj are not Rivals and they displayed maturity after MTVBASEWEST’s tweet 

Well yesterday …MTV base cooked trouble after Wizkid released his video for ‘Come closer’ ft drake who was missing in the video. Comparing the two artistes and their twitter fans took the arguments seriously and Mtvbasewest had to tweet later on that the two mega stars couldn’t be compared after they had caused a serious twitter clash between Dbanj and wizkid fans.

Wizkid and Dbanj handled the matter very maturely.

Pretty mike ..again! if I can’t call you ‘bitch’, ‘ewu’ or ‘ode’ you can’t be my wife! WTF

Club owner who was arrested for putting two ladies on a leash like dogs has declared that his future wife should be able to stand him calling her derogatety words such as ‘ewu'(goat), ‘ode'(fool), ‘bitch’. 

Abeg..who wants to marry such???  That’s just very insulting. He wouldn’t even take such from a fellow man.

Picture of him with his two leashed women 

People have gone spiritual over the votes for EfE #Bbnaija (Video)

I have been seeing a lot of tweets on efe and it’s like the while nation wants efe to win from basketsmouth tweeting that based on logistics efe would win!..oh well ,He has the support of the big boys..let’s see if he wins and some twitter guy says he would commit suicide if efe doesn’t win…jeez 
 Tboss is trending on number 1 on Twitter. Her popularity this week is off the charts..she just might win ….the season finale is today!

Grabs chair… grabs popcorn! Let the games begin!

Meanwhile the church is also behind efe…with serious spiritual backing 

Watch video and Tag his churh members 😂