Who is the lady behind the #keepthechangebae on Twitter?

Her name is Oreoluwa oyebola and she is a 300l student of the university of Ibadan. She got trolled on Twitter for going on a date with a guy who later called her broke for saying no to him after he asked her out!  She stood up to him by sending 5k to his account , with the costs of the ticket and food at the cinema…she then told him to keep the change. That’s the way to deal with trolls!

She has shown lady’s around that guys that treat women with disrespect should be schooled and she is a trending sensation on Twitter! And to the guys who just want to dent a lady’s image…don’t mess with some girls , they will destroy you!

Remember this

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This Guy still became the best graduating student even with academic hardships

Obina ubani an engineering student, was able to graduate with a first class despite hardship in the university system. He didn’t start the university with a first class ..in fact it was in his third year that he decided to make a first class.

He said that his grade point never went below 4.0 in his 1st and 2nd year and he picked up a calculator and discovered that first class was still possible.

His master plan was to get a 100% in his courses and with an expectation like that even a 70 which was his worst result was an excellent grade.

How did he do this?  Hardworking and passion. He got his course outline and read ahead and he read for at least 15 hrs on lecture free days. He reported that the things he had read had prepared him for his final year topics. He also disclosed that he wrote to impress his lecturers.

This is just to encourage you that you can still get up and get that first class! It’s not too late …if you couldn’t do it in your 1st, 2nd year and you are in your 3rd year, you can do it today! Just focus.

Chocolate! A yummy source of happiness

Just the taste of chocolate in your mouth can take your mood from 0-100 in seconds. 

Chocolate has been discovered to cause a sort of positive change in the mood of humans ..as long as you don’t take too much of it.

Have you ever wondered why in a movie break up ..you see a lady with a frown on her face gulping down chunks of Nutella. It’s done to cool the mind and create a sort of happy vibration

The next Time you are in a bad mood..just take a chocolate bar..it can change your attitude and mood for the day and nobody  loves a bad mood or bad vibration.

Spread some love and spread chocolate as long as you don’t take way too much of it!!!

Here is the richest woman In the world!

As the month of march ends we are celebrating the richest woman in the world!

Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt, she owns 33% of the  super huge makeup brand ‘lOreal’ with her children, she is worth 38.5 billion USD. She is also the eleventh richest person in the world according to Forbes and the richest woman in history. Her father Eugene schueller founded the huge makeup empire in the year 1907

She has a foundation called the ‘la foundation Bettencourt’ to support medical, cultural and humanitarian projects with a budget of €15million Annually.

Presently, she is said to have been replaced on the brands board by her grandson due to her Ill health, she is suffering from dementia

Korede Bello dissed for his invitation to perform at a church

Gospel artist ‘Kenny kore’ expressed his disappointment on korede Bellos return to the church ..in ‘BELOVED comes to church’. Korede Bello started music in a church called ‘The latter rain assembly’. The gospel artist believed that if korede Bello had been discipled in his church..it doesn’t show in his music. He is also very highly disappointed in the church for inviting secular music  to polute the mind of youths.

Ibadan boy begged for school fees money before he got served!….on Twitter after calling a lady broke 

On Twitter yesterday, while minding my business I saw this post and I realised how cheesy some guys can be over taking a lady To the cinema. Meanwhile some guys cannot handle a rejection…. Is it by force!

 He took the lady to the cinema and asked her out and she said No,  why would you call her ‘broke’ on twitter…At least he got what he deserved and he can keep the change too.

What even cracked me up the most was that the guy has begged for school fees money on twitter …this is a case of a pot calling a kettle black except that this ‘pot’ is a brokeass one

The fastest police car in the whole world!

The fastest police cars in the world can only be found in Dubai, NEW DELHI.  With an engine that sends it from 0-60mph in seconds . It is the fastest police car in service according to the world record. It is a Bugatti veyron moving from o-97 km in 2.5seconds. Its police has 15 fleet of super cars!

Don’t even think of a life of crime in the city of Dubai, you can’t run from the law!


The NASU Strike: UI on lockdown

The NASU Strike: UI on lockdown

The university of Ibadan stated the strike at the beginning of the week 20th of march, 2017 and on Wednesday, the lecture rooms were locked and classes did not hold even with the optimistic lecturers who thought the strike would not hold fully.

It was reported that the NASU (the non-teaching staff) locked the main gate and began frying ‘bean cakes’ aka trying to convey the message that the VC is Dead , because that act signifies burial rites. They also displayed little coffins. Showing their displeasure at the slashing of their salaries

Picture of people trekking from the UI gate due to the refusal of the taxi’s to operate

Presently, the halls are without water and light, the JAJA hospital for staffs have joined the strike and they would not treat any patient.

The university has to take on its responsibility fully and pay its workers and create a good environment for students to study

Here is a picture of someone  already rocking the new phone ‘ the Ruby Red iphoneb7’ 

This are the new phone goals …say bye to the rosegold and silver coloured iphones