Very Disgusting! Small insects can enter into the body

 I was walking on the road and suddenly a small flying insect entered into my nose, I had to cough to get it out. Things like this occur in areas with a lot of insect infestation

It was reported that a doctor who conducted surgery for an indian Lady found a coachroch in her sinuses between  the eyes in her skull. This is due to the fact that insects can decide to enter into a nose with nasal secretions and ear wax when accumulated (turns to volatile fatty acids and meat emanates these compounds) could be appealing to them.

What sort of insects would attempt entering into the human body?

 Insects naturally would not want to enter into a human body, but some insects would creep into the body. Insects like the coachroch, fly, beetles, ticks, bugs and moth.

The best way to get rid of an insect in the body is to get it out alive!

5 top ways to get Red Carpet Ready

A lot of award shows are hosted yearly and one is pressured to be red carpet ready 

Here are 5 ways to totally slay on the Red carpet

1. Teeth whitening

   In order to have that sexy smile on the Red carpet, your teeth has to be sparkly white! How do you do so?  Get yourself a crest 3D whitestrip with light regiment or simply get a whitening toothpaste. 

2. Massage and spa

Treat your body right and you’ll look good! Get that body a massage and spa, you will be glowing and it’s a great way to relax your mind

3. Exercise

To rock the perfect dress you have to have the perfect shape! Not everyone is born with that perfect body and the only thing you can do is exercise and eat right. Plus it’s very healthy and keeps you very energized.

4. Change of scenery

You check  into an hotel  to change your scenery. This could be by travelling, It’s even best to try and explore a place you have not been to previously just to open your mind.

5. Makeover

Finally,  before you head to the event you should give yourself a makeover! Get a change of hairstyle, manicure your nails and decorate them, makeup your face and get a fancy outfit to match.

Designer labels we often pronounce wrongly

This could happen as we are telling our friend about designers most especially the ladies who want to show off their new shoes or cloths online  or mention it when interviewed on the red carpet, we would not want to be made fun of for pronouncing the names wrongly.

Here is a list of designer labels that we often pronounce wrongly:
Saint Laurent – Saan -loh -rahn

Versace– Vair sah chay

Moschino– mohs kee Noh

Louis Vuitton– loo  we vwee  tawn

Lavin– lawn vah

Ralph Lauren– Ralph law ren

Balmain-bal mahn

Christian loubutin–   kreest  yahn loo boo taan

Givenchy-jhee vonn shee

Hermes– Air mez

Bulgari-bool gah ree

Balenciaga-bhal en see ah gah

Bnaira seen clubbing with someone who looks ike ‘Gifty’

The controversial big brother housemate shows just evicted was seen clubbing with Lagos big boy and socialite Bnaira or her lookalike.

Bnaira had commented on how she ‘FORMS’ and fakes her accent. He also said he would like to party with her on her eviction on his Snap.

We later saw a lady with him at the club who looked like her wearing his cap and shielding her face. It’s definitely her or a lookalike..the picture is blurry tho.

The next morning ..he recorded her phone conversation on Snapchat although he didn’t show us her face  but the person sounded exactly like ‘Gifty’ with a fake accent.

5 people reported dead after taking rat poisen in church !

Remember the pastor in south africa who made his congregants drink rat poisen. For story CLICK HERE . 

Five of his congregants have been reported dead and thirteen are hospitalised. This is said to have happened on the evening of the service in which he urged believers to test their faith by taking rat poisen.

He claims to not be responsible for the deaths and no arrests have been made.

Rob and Cyna  split

The couple have decided to call it quits and break their engagement. A source shared that Cyna disclosed that Rob was too insecure and it was unsafe for the baby. She has moved out of their shared home with his baby ‘dream’ .

Rob had disclosed that Cyna had been his friend for a long time and he had gone to her for advice in his darkest time.