Lagos Big boy chains Women to a leash!!! Is this a new #trend


This picture surfaced online just recently and it is just sad that in this era we still have women being treated in the most demeaning manner.


Its been reported that he is the owner of the ‘ONU’ nightclub in lagos ,his name is Mike_eze Nwalie Nwogu. He also chained  the two girls to an  event before the snap was taken.

I wonder what drove those girls allow such ridicule. Women should be treated like eggs and given respect .



Happy New Year!!! what are your resolutions for the year?

New year resolutions have become very common in our society ….people make new year resolutions due to their past experiences and things they want to change.

For me personally , I had a resolution last year not to Date,kiss or makeout with anybody.  I needed time to focus and re-evaluate myself.  I picked up some things and I dropped some things that where not adding to me. I made the resolution as a joke and I didn’t think I would be able to do it…soon I began to take it seriously and I decided to continue it.

Little did I know that it would be very tough… I had various temptations. I met a lot of guys and I saw a lot of attitudes… There was one who was persistent on my case and I was beginning to take him seriously ..then I found out he had a girlfriend (he was a fuckboy). I had only escaped his trap because of my resolution.

If you are making a resolution …make sure you continue with it. Resolutions are usually not easy but one has to be determined to do it.

I  wish you the best this year and I’m so sorry for being off on the site ..I hope to be better this year! #thegrooveradar