Relationship! Relationship! Relationship! What do we have to do?

1.  Guys are as emotional as girls (they are hummans too)

2.  Guys do not pick girls who they are to fuck or marry.. We girls actually choose this positions .

3.  A guy who really loves you will panic when you give him a no for an answer. He will be depressed and a guy who is in for a game.. Will try as many times just to win, he will ask you out 10 times.

4.  Girls know if they are with a wrong guy (at jet engine speed) .. They  are very sensitive.. They just choose either to accept or reject it.

5.  No girl is stupid… Although a girl in love is weak. She wont see a guys flaws
6.  If the relationship is not making you Happy.. Adding value or giving you financial satisfaction… You are not a tree.. Move!

7.  A girl is  90% happier without guy problems or Issues of distraught in relationship.

8.  You befriend some, you date some… Meaning not every hot guy in your life is supposed to be your boo.. Some are meant to be friends. Try to recognise it and don’t complicate things.

9.  Having that person you treasure.. Doesn’t Mean that your life is on hold. Concentrate on you! (this is going to both the guys and girls).

10. Date your best friend (I dont Mean you should ruin a good friendship.. I’m saying get to be best friends with a guy before you date him, know him to an extent.. Dont rush).


  This girl caught my attention on instagram  @queenokafor and I was so amazed at her confidence and the way people reacted to her page.  I beleive she is pretty and beautiful even with her hair.


No matter how you look or how weird people see you.. Those people also have their own imperfections and insecurities.


How to get that ‘long hair’ You have been dreaming of!!!

There is a General beleif that African woman do not have long and hair naturally… Some beleive Its due to our hot climate and the African GENE.

I love the fact that most africans have afro_curly hair.. Which when well managed is very lovely to behold.

Here are 5 methods to get that long hair:

  1. If youve heard about ‘KIKO’ hairstyle.. That is the usage of thread or rubber to style and pull up the hair. images-5 People often complain that Its painful to make.. Well, beauty comes with a price. There are various styles to choose from. 
  2. Allow that hair to rest.. This means leaving your hair  and not touching it for a long period of time.  Fixing weaves(without bonding glue) on the hair is a very good way to achieve that or you can keep it under a wig… That way the hair relaxes and increases in growth.  This gives room for a lot of undergrowth (2wks for maximum results) … After wasting,  setting or relaxing the hair will be significantly longer.. WARNING dont keep your hair idle for too long it could tangle!
  3. Do protective hairstyles and stick to only one relaxer and hair Product (I recomend DARK and LOVELY) .     Do not share your personal comb with anyone and dispose fallouts from the hair properly.
  4. Dont dye your hair (I wont recomend it)  most of the products damage the hair and it leaves the hair dry and it loses nourishment
  5. Do not let water touch your hair too often except a wash is needed.. And if it does, Rub the hair with cream and dry it. Use quality and certified hair Products. I recomend any cream with olive or coconut Oil (it does wonders).                                                                                                        I hope with this few Points of mine I have been able to support you in your plans  and prove some people wrong.. Here is a picture of my hairinshot_20161020_111719 beleive it or not!  I followed those steps.. Do the same.  #thegrooveradar 

Queens Hall is 60! Although the recent happenings are not encouraging

On friday,  the 14th of october there was a disturbance in Queen Elizabeth II hall, University of Ibadan.  The queenites where having a protest within the hall.. Due to complaint by 400l D block students who joined forces with the 100l I block students.

It occured Due to the inability of the Hall Chairperson to delever a quality  hall week package… It is said to have consisted of a cheap booklet and a low quality nail file. The students revolted.. Which is very rare of queenites. They requested for their Hall Chairperson.. But she refused to come out of her room.  The SU president was called on.. to solve the matter, he was then sent out by The queenites Due to his inability to solve the matter.

The Hall Representatives later blamed the hall warden for realesing little funds… Meanwhile the hall Chairperson did not involve any of the Representatives on getting the hall package.  N1000 was spent out of a hall Due of N3500.. What happened to the remaining N2500?

Is the hall Chairperson to be blamed or the hall warden?

beauty-it-would-seem-was-both-a-blessing-and-a-curse-quote-1Hello guys it’s been a chilly tuesday, Hope you weren’t drenched by the rain? To the main reason for writing this piece, IS BEAUTY A CURSE OR A BLESSING? After attaining puberty, a lady develops at a massive and rapid rate and has growth and development in certain areas which makes her unique. She becomes the center of attraction to the opposite sex and she also becomes aware of her being. At this stage her beauty becomes noticeable, but it shouldn’t get to her head. Enough of the preaching!! At age 18 she sees herself as hot and sexy, 😃 however she has a crush on someone and some guys start asking her out, but as per se she be fine girl she gats form small make them no too sae she be cheap babe or olosho. Soon she turns to thick madam and starts friendzoning guys because she has too high standards, he must be handsome, °six packs •good job etc my sister time don dae go oh. So ladies don’t put yourself as oversophisticated, smile always and hang out, if a guy asks you out and you won’t date him, don’t waste his time .Tell him straight up, but not in a haharsh manner, because se guys wan date you no dae brag, my sister time don dae go.

Here’s my advice foryou; love yourself and be you




African knight ♞

Prof. John paden critcized for historical distortions in the biography of Muhammedu buhari ‘The Challenges of Leadership In Nigeria ‘

Some politicians are feeling uneasy and have taken their anger to the Newspapers to criticize the newly released biography on muhammadu buhari  ‘The Challenges of Leadership In Nigeria’ by prof. John Paden. He was reported to have evaded some facts to re _ create a make beleive for his Audience, he defined the events in his own way.
    He also wrote wrongly on the selection of prof. Yemi osinbajo and he did not include the important role that Ashiwaju Tinubu played in nominating him.  It was made to seem like buhari already chose him to be his assistant from the first day, meanwhile Ashiwaju could have taken the position but he chose Osinbajo to prevent a  Muslim_Muslim candidate.. And they needed to defeat Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at that time, honour should be given to whom it is due to.  He should have at least mentioned that tinubu suggested the nomination.
    Another problem is the believe in the superiority of the white man’s knowledge. A lot of Nigerians would have submitted tons of application for the job of writing the biography but did not receive a favourable response and the white man was accepted and given unlimited access.
  He does not even know anything about our culture and system here… Then how can he write anything that would be easy to relate to. 
   Lastly,  politicians brainstorm for campaign strategies and winning elections and yet they Cannot brainstorm on how to solve Nigeria’s problems