Boko haram rumours at the University of Ibadan (Please read)!!!

We have heard reports on  the attempt by the Boko haram insurgency to bomb the University of ibadan,  Nigeria before independence day! 

A Report from a student
[21/09 10:00 pm] Ayo: Thank you very much. Someone forwarded the same message to me earlier today. The UI management is already aware of the threat and certainly must have been reported to the Security Agencies. God protection will be over us. And we must be very vigilant. Please inform the children and to avoid unnecessary gathering and any body carrying  excessively large bags etc. I also believe the threat will help to take security issues seriously on UI campus. God will not leave us to their pray! Good night

 From: al-Wilāyat al-Islāmiyya Gharb Afrīqiyyah (the boko Haram group)

Open Letter to all Staff of hUniversity of Ibadan, You people are an embarrassment to Nigeria and are the people that brought in western education to Nigeria. You doomed this nation and in turn you all are going to be doomed. Most of you are going to die before independence day. You will not spend the indepence day in peace, you and all your students. Detonations will start going of from tomorrow till the independence day and there is nothing you can do as we are among you. Even your little searches at the gate won’t do anything. By the time we are through with you, ypour government will be sorry.

Are they amongst us?

One key advice I have Is that students should be conscious of this  and report anything suspicious to the authority!

1. Any unusual behaviour or dressing.
2. Be watchful at any social gathering.
3. If you see a group of students connecting or operating any strange devices report
4. Draw awareness and make Sure everyone around you is alarmed if you see anything strange.
5. Run and call for help if you see any attempt to attack life or property.

If you have any information to share on this issue comment or send us a mail

The Beyhives attacks after Lemonade loses out on Emmy award


Beyonce’s Lemonade HBO special was nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special but lost out to Grease Live and her fans didn’t take it lying down. The Beyhive descended on twitter in their swam to vent their frustration at the upset.

Even host, Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act saying: ‘I wouldn’t want to be those guys when Kanye finds out they beat Beyonce!’

#GrooveGbedu: L’Brizzle – You Nah Mean

Fast and rising music act from the city of Ibadan, L’Brizzle is out with a signature tune that gets everyone grooving each time it comes on.

‘You Nah Mean’ is a rap jam with great delivery and topnotch arrangement.


L’Brizzle has got much more… Be on the look peeps!

He’s gonn’ blow!

You Nah Mean?! (LOL)


Ibadan kini so? 

We present to you, IBADAN COUNTDOWN FESTIVAL 2016.

Headlined by top entertainment stakeholders in the city of Ibadan among which are Rotimi Ige of Roy Media and Tribune Nigeria, YL Concepts to mention a few in conjunction with Agodi Gardens and proudly endorsed by Oyo State Government

The event is scheduled to hold between 24th-31st December, 2016.

This is going to be LOUD

11 billboards went up yesterday in the city of Ibadan 

@Ibadancountdownfestival2016 campaign officially launched today! Be part of a new revolution championed by you.

This is for Ibadan #OurIbadan #MyIbadan… Let the world know today that we decided to come together and make our voices and celebration heard! this will be huge and LOUD! Ibadan, this one is for YOU! Support the movement… 

Follow @ibadancountdownfestival2016 on IG and lend your voice to the campaign! 

Also spread word …especially if you love Ibadan!


Ladies you are gonna love the sight of this!

Check out the body on this medical doctor

His name is Uchenna Nwosu, he is a Nigerian who lives in the U.S and works as a medical doctor . He is also an International federation of body building & fitness(IFBB) professional. He is really hot. See more photos after the cut.

Finally! Kanye West joins instagram!

Kanye West has finally decided to join Instagram with his hallowed presence and he is getting tremendous following. People sure love Yeezy!?. He set up an account this weekend and has so far amassed over 800 thousand followers despite sharing just one picture so far.
What is unclear is how he will be posting his pictures as he recently admitted he had gotten rid of his phone as it hinders his creativity.