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Adekunle Gold posts epic ‘Surulere’ picture

Adekunle Gold posted a throwback on his IG page .. Thanking God for the sufferings, heartbreaks and disappointments he has encountered and his ‘Surulere’ picture, Very epic!
Ladies please comment would you have dated this guy before he become a ‘STAR’.

I Mean look at the picture, the guy at the right looks like somebody way older, it looks like his Father did a throwback.


Who could have imagined this?  From grass to grace.

Most famous Grandpa on instagram

  Instagram is on fire right now as a lot of young women have took to their Instagram pages to repost an old man’s picture (irvinrandle ) using hashtags like #sugardaddygoals #mrstealyourgrandma
And more…


  You can hardly tell his age as he has a muscular frame, awesome dress sense and his beards complete the look. 
He is available to go on dates, Mr romantic and he loves the ladies. It got me thinking!  How would old men and women be dressing is the next 10/20 years… I bet everything will be on ‘fleek or slayyy ‘. 
  These days everyone wants to be young and glowing. People do not want to grow old and they get more desperate in their attempt to look younger.   Iman mohamed abdulmajid (owner of iman cosmetics) she is 60years and still stunning. You want to be like her?  You don’t know what it costs and what she’s been through .


Beauty and body enhancing creams, face lifts and surgery have become the order of the day.  What’s next?

Toke makinwa blasts freda francis on her birthday


Today,  Toke makinwa decided to blast  Freda Francis (iyanya’s ex), her long time friend whom she had wished a Happy birthday on Instagram in the morning. 


She reported on Snapchat that Freda has left her for her ‘oyinbo friends’ and she expressed displeasure for the manner at which ‘Freda’ had told her to book a flight and come for her dinner party in New York. 
She had messaged her as a ‘God fearing friend’ to ask “where the party at” … She also said and I quote “I am calling all fredas friends, Let’s cut her off”..hmm.


  With all her rants you can hardly tell if she is genuinely pissed or joking.

5 TOP reasons why girls block guys on social network

 Most girls have had reasons to block  guys … And it leaves the guy wondering if they had been offensive.
Imagine a guy hitting you up and starting with ‘Hello.. I heard you are proud’  ‘I got your number from someone I won’t tell you’  ‘Give me your number ‘ (A guy on IG you don’t know) LAME! . I’m here to tell you that you guys have been doing things the wrong and boring way! It might be romantic or cool in your head… But nobody will ever take you seriously
A lot of guys do not have a good manner of approach… You don’t just appear on someone’s chat out of the blues… And expect that person to be free with you… Frauds(419) also do the same and a whole lot of dangerous people.  She won’t take you seriously and probably block you. Do not start a chat with any stupid line even if your  friends give you tips… Just be your self.
Guys who are  whatsapp or bbm who can call girls 24/7.  ‘Hello I just want to hear your voice’ (your not even her boyfriend) A girl won’t let you get close… She would not even pick your calls.  You can call to say ‘hi’ once in a while if you are close to her.
Guys who ask girls for nudes or say shitty things.. Would inevitably  be blocked  except the girl is into stuff like that.. But most girls will block you.
Guys who message at odd times and ask girls to meet them or come to their house or hotel. The girl who knows what she’s doing would just block you immediately or not show up (Some guys just come out of the Blue.. You might not have met before). Let’s say you know eachother don’t ever invite her to your house/room… Take her out like 3 times..before you do. Guys do not rush things!
The guys who messages and takes hours to reply… It’s very crappy. Why message when you won’t reply.  Girls do not like to be posted so if she blocks you.. Do not be surprised.
Lastly, a guy who changes his dp into pictures of different girls every minute and hits you up saying ‘Babe, you know I like you’ and changes his dp to ur picture….who is he fooling and don’t hit any girl up with ‘Hey you’.
Don’t be a stalker.. It is CREEPY.
Girls decode a a lot.. They can tell if you are deceiving them except they want to be deceived. Pls guys Drop the stupid lines on social media.. have a little self respect.
Pls leave your comments below.

#GrooveGbedu: Mallz – She Make Am


Fresh out of Bowen University comes a fast rising act in the music industry by name, Mallz. Mallz is out with a spanking new single titled She Make Am (Prod. By Adedot)

Mallz is Bowen’s Entertainer of The Year 2016…

This song is a must download!