Listen up! NIGERIANS

  where are we heading to in this country?  With our wack education system! 
  We teach children ages 1-3 numbers.. And they skillfully recite 1-1000…  These kids are not taught life survival skills and when they get to the primary and secondary school.. We do not teach them how to properly express themselves. A lot of them are even intimidated by their teachers, some can’t construct a good English statement. 
  Can we blame their teachers?  Yes/no … When most of them take teaching job without experience or passion for it.  They want to be employed by all Means in these country with the large mass of unemployed graduates. 
   The university is a hustling ground… The students do not even receive lectures in a conducive environment.. Hot weather,  noisy class, frustrated lecturers… Why won’t they be,  when their salaries have been slashed.
   The most infuriating one is the inflation in prices… How can we survive, when there is no money!  I feel pity for students whose pocket money will be slashed .. We can’t even buy tomato Again!!!  And the Government wants to Stop corruption..they are day-dreaming. Why won’t these young guys do ‘yahooyahoo’ (fraud).. Thats the way they can survive!  We can’t fold our arms and watch.. We have to make a move… This is the time to encourage that young Nigerian hustling and doing Something legal.  I stand with the Government of the young.. What have these old people done.. ‘Who u epp’.

Cybercriminals on Whatsapp!

  I was chatting with a friend of mine,  then he forwarded a message to me.. It went like this


And it was very attractive.. I almost clicked on the link… Then I decided to google it.
      The link contains malware software… Once opened.. It fills your phone with malicious virus…cybercriminals use it to get your mobile data and payment details.  you can google it, you’ll will see websites warning people about ‘the message’.
   Be careful next time you see a whatsapp message telling you to open a link!

5 signs HE is using you as a rebound !

what is a rebound?

It simply is the act of using someone to get over your ex or someone who Broke your heart.

These days a lot of guys do not want commitment and a lot of them play girls and get the next available girl to satisfy their urges.

Girls ask questions like ‘Do guys get heart Broken?’  we do not need any research to find out. They are hummans too.. They have a heart… So yes ‘guys’  do get heartbroken. The issue is that these guys do not take time to heal… They just move on to the next available girl.

  1. A guy who is using you as a rebound would always be distracted around you. He won’t look you in the eyes and he would always be in a hurry to leave you.
  2. You won’t feel 100% safe and comfortable.. There would always be a little sense of dissatisfaction.
  3. These guys are usually moody or sad.. And they only pay attention to you when they can get Something from you.. Most especially sexual
  4. They consciously or unconsciously always mention their ex.. Or compare you with them. They never want to see the fact that they are heartbroken and need help
  5. They will give you mixed signals.. Today he smiles at you and tomorrow he avoids you.  And most girls start to feel like it’s their fault.. So they try to impress him.. That never goes well.

   Study a guy you like very well before you give him a chance. Being a rebound is not good for anyone.. Especially for your mental and emotional welbeing.

What is the Nigerian Economy doing for you?

Nigerians have imbibed the academic culture, wich is good but chocking other parts of our economy!

Despite the high rate of unemployment and poverty in our poor economy… We enrol in schools to receive education.

The average time frame for education (16yrs) from primary to tertiary.  Then we graduate to join the unemployed group… Except you have (connection) and the inflating of prices are not even helping.

The best time to start a businessmen is now!  Wherever you are,  whoever you are!  and if you are a student there is no better time.. Your business can grow as you school and when you graduate.. You would be employing your classmates… You won’t look for job or disturb your parents for money.

Don’t be afraid to start Something, follow your passion.. That would keep you going even when there is no money.. Till you attain your goal…  Just keep it moving! I wish you the best!

Repyourhood and Repurhood.. What’s the difference?

There is a claim from the GBERATINRIN studios that ACEROOTS ‘show’ sponsored by Heineken has taken their brand name and copied them. 
Are they right or wrong?
  GBERATINRIN studios created a platform for artistes in ibadan to showcase their talent. They have been hosting their shows at different venues, showing on channels like bcos and AIT and they had just released #repyourhood8 when ACEROOTS released #repurhood on cool fm without any legal agreement with the owners of the brand name.


   There has been a report that ACEROOTS had their show in 2015 named  #Repyouroots… Why the change of name???   Where did the name surface from?  They should make all this clear… Repyourhood is a brand and has copyright.  No Matter how little a brand is, it has the right to sue if the brand name is copied.


They have worked hard for their brand and they have the right to fight for it… They started from the bottom ! in Ibadan.



5 reasons why Nigerian girls Form(package)

  If you are a Nigerian you would have met with these set of girls who FORM…. They are the high class big girls… From designer bags and shoe to brazillian hair.. With american or british accent to top it off. These girls will make you hate your life if you don’t know what’s up’.  A lot of them are fake(wash)
    A lot of these girls have been maltreated/heartbroken in the past and they don’t want to go back to their past mistakes.  Some are from poor or average families looking to step up their levels.
    They want to be able to compete with their agemates and older.  Some result to lieing or stealing just to look the part.
    If you have heard the quote ‘fake it till you make it’.  Some fake it to get the right man while some fake it to get money, whichever way they can.
    They want to be noticed and treated like royalty… So they Form for people to see them that way… Some will tell you what they buy/eat/wear/go to…. Just to impress.  You see them on snapchat and instagram ‘flossing’. Don’t be surprised o!
   They all just want to live a very comfortable life with no stress… No harm in that. 
Ever heard this song ‘love yourz’  by j. Cole.. ‘no such thing as a life thats better than yours’.
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What are you doing? is it setting you on the right path?

  Today, you wake up go on twitter or instagram and you see quotes telling you what to do with your life… Pause  and think.. Who are these people writing this?  In what way are they better than me.  If it’s not quotes.. It’s ‘goals’ .. why use someone elses goals to rule your life!
  If you are in a bad relationship.. You need to CUT IT.  Negative relationships will leave you in wreck.  MAKE your LIFE  comfortable and friends who show no support or care tear them out of your life.. Like a piece of paper.
   Give yourself a breathing space and focus on where you want to be in life!  Make yourself Happy by yourself (if theres a word like that).  You are special in your own way and nobody can prove that better than you… This is your YEAR!
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