Don Jazzy’s look is catching on!

We got hold of a picture that made me think deeply about the impact celebrities are making not just on young people but also on kids!

 IMG-20160530-WA0005 IMG-20160530-WA0003

The outfit is cute and I have to say don jazzy’ you have competition

So who do you think rocks the Scottish look …I love the red jacket by the way!
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White Groomsmen Rock ‘OWAMBE’

Whenever we have a big wedding in Nigeria, most especially from the yoruba tribe. You see people rocking OWAMBE styles ….the ladies in their big gele and the men in agbada

You’ll hardly imagine white people in our attire or even think it will fit them , this picture changed my orientation


They know how to rock our style! And for those of you who will be forming and saying ‘ahh I don’t wear native or I Continue reading →

Wives on strike: interview with omoni oboli and Uche jumbo



The Grooveradar met with omoni oboli and Uche jumbo at the film house cinema samonda. They were doing a meet and greet for their fans. They just released a movie ‘wives on strike’ a comedy and a must watch…these ladies are strong and intelligent

The movie was created because of their strive for women empowerment. Nigerian women have been silent. They also campaigned for the end of ‘child marriage’. It should be stopped! Continue reading →